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[ARWA 2024] Less than a week until the end of early-bird registration for ARWA 2024!

Good day and Happy New Year 2024. This is a reminder for registration before the end of the early-bird period next Monday on Jan 15, 2024. Fees after the early-bird period are subjected to an upward adjustment.

To address some of the questions received from applicants, here are some important reminders:

  1. Registration is only complete when you have paid the registration fee, and completed the registration form on the ARWA website. Payment of registration fee alone does not complete the registration process.

  2. For this year, payment of membership dues (e.g. Regular Membership (2024), Student Membership (2024)) is a prerequisite for purchasing members-only registration plans (plans ending with 2024M, which are discounted). Paying the membership dues alone also does not complete the registration process.

  3. If you have paid for the members-only registration fees without also paying the 2024 membership dues, said registration would only be active, once you also pay the membership dues.

  4. If you do not wish to become a member but still wish to register, please select and purchase the registration plans under Payment -> Registration Fees (For Non-Members).

If you have not completed your registration according to above, you are encouraged to do so before Jan 15 to enjoy the early-bird discount. If you encounter any issues paying or accessing the registration forms, please contact Dr. Vince Ngan at

Thank you for your attention, and hope to see you at the conference!


Guide to Registration

To enjoy the early-bird discounted registration fee, you should complete both registration processes on or before 15 January 2024

To do so, please first pay for the registration fee (and membership fee if you want to also become an ARWA member) with the link below. ARWA members might select members-only plans (those with an M at the end of the title) which are discounted. 

Special pricing is available for lower-middle/low-income economies. Special prices are marked with * (asterisk) in the pricing plans. Please refer to the list on the top of the page for details.

After payment, please remember to also submit the registration forms to complete your registration.

The registration form for the conference itself can be found below. It is only accessible after payment for the registration, viewable with an account associated with said payment.

If you would also like to attend the conference dinner (fees included), please also register and submit the dinner registration form below with this link.

Submitting the registration forms are necessary for the sake of completing the registration. You should receive an email confirmation for each of the form submissions.

If you encounter any technical difficulties during registration, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Vince Ngan at For other questions about the ARWA 2024 conference, please contact Prof. JR Cho at



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